Busou Keiji - Cyber Cross [Model FA01-002]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 34 years ago by Face

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Busou Keiji - Cyber Cross [Model FA01-002] screenshot

武装刑事 サイバークロス © 1989 Face Company, Limited.
(Busou Keiji - Cyber Cross)

Cyber Cross is a side-scrolling action game and was the second game released by Face for the PC engine system. It features armies of insectoid creatures and robots trying to take over the World. The player sets out to teach the invaders a lesson - he takes control of a super-hero who can turn into the powerful 'Cyber Cross'. Colored floating pods can help him in his task - any of them turns him into his combat-mode (charge power by pressing the fire button and release it for special attacks!). Three weapons are available throughout the game - special sword (red), laser gun (blue) and the Boomerang (green). But be aware that weapons are limited to a maximum of three, and our hero loses one each time he gets hit.


Game ID: FA01-002


Released on June 23, 1989 in Japan for 6300 Yen.


Game's ROM.