Burnout 2 - Point of Impact [Model SLES-51044]

Sony PlayStation 2 Game published 16 years ago by Acclaim Ent., Inc.

Not emulated yet.


Burnout 2 - Point of Impact © 2002 Acclaim Ent., Inc.


Game ID: SLES-51044


Released in October 2002 in Europe.


Designed and Developed by Criterion Games
Head of Criterion Games: Fiona Sperry
Creative Managers: Alex Ward, Paul Glancey
Concept Designer: Alex Ward
Lead Artist: Michael Williamson
Lead Programmer: Richard Parr
Course Design and Modelling: Michael Williamson, Chris Walley, Omar Mohammed, Stephen Uphill, Trevor Moore, Yonsok Ko
Vehicle Design and Modelling Lead: Mark Rendle
Vehicle Design and Modelling: James Hans
Additional Art: Lisa Perrett, Rasmus Jørgensen
Programming: Richard Parr, Alex Fry, Amy Phillips, Dominic Parrott, Hamish Young, Larry Docherty, Olly Read, Rodney Quaye, Tom Williamson
Additional Programming: Jean-Christophe Leprevost, Rabin Ezra, Max Little, Peter Bishop, Spencer Cathey, Stewart Miles
Lead Designer: Chris Roberts
Designer: Paul Cross
Head of Audio: Stephen Root
Music Composition, Production, and Mastering: Stephen Root, Steve Emney
Live Bass and Guitar: Greg Bone, Lee Pomeroy
Live Drums: Steve Emney
Live Keyboards: Stephen Root
Sound Effects Audio Engineer: Ben Minto
Foley/Field Recordings: Ben Minto, Stephen Root, Soundkids
Voice Artist: Jamey Scott
Lead Audio Programmer: Alistair Milne
Team Audio Programmer: Adam Sawkins
The Audio Team Would Like To Thank The Following People...: Lani Minella (at Audiogodz)
And Especially...: Kevin Smith, Don Scott, Lea Westwood, Paul Robe, Davey Nicholas, Paul S. Lacy, Phil Sayer, Sam Sayer, Tony Gillam
QA Manager: Simon Crawford
Lead Tester: Gavin Parker
Testers: Gareth Harding, Duncan Pratt, Oliver Reid Smith, Bill Carter
Senior Producer: Joe Bonar
Associate Producer: Rupert Brooker
The Burnout Team Would Like To Thank The Following People...: Rod Cousens (and everyone at Acclaim Entertainment), Adrian Lawton, Catherine Schell, Cathy Campos, Daniel Dawkins, Douglas Perry, Fran Mirabella, Joao Diniz-Sanches, Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Stephen Reid, Stephen Williams, Tara Blanco