BurgerTime [Model 4549]

Mattel Intellivision cart. published 41 years ago by Mattel Electronics

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BurgerTime © 1982 Mattel Electronics

Your chef, Peter Pepper, is surrounded! Pickles and hot dogs are everywhere! Dodge down a ladder, pepper a pickle and you've escaped. They all chase after you. Run for your life to the next bun. Gobble some fries along the way and you've got some pepper -- just in case. Lead them on a chase and the nasties get stuck together. Tiptoe onto a bun and they follow you in a bunch. Pepper 'em, step off, and drop 'em. WAY TO MOVE! You've got 8,000 points and are one step closer to BURGERTIME.


Model 4549


Returning from vacation in August 1982 thinking he was going to start the Loco-Motion conversion, Ray Kaestner discovered he was going to do the BurgerTime conversion, instead. Scheduled to get married in December, Ray was determined to finish the job within three months so he wouldn't have to worry about deadlines and debugging during wedding preparations.
Three months was a tight schedule; Ray did it in two, a record for an Intellivision game in the Hawthorne office. The extra month gave him a chance to tinker with the timing of the game to get it just the way he wanted. (He didn't escape the game on his wedding day, though -- the groomsmen were playing it while waiting for the ceremony to begin.)

Once you get 1,000,000 points, the scoring begins at zero again. At the end of each game you will see a number under the center score. This tells you how many times you have reached 1,000,000. You may reach 1,000,000 a total of 255 times... for a possible score of 255,999,950.

Goodies for BurgerTime [Model 4549]
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Knocking a hamburger part from a horizontal plank: 50 points
Squashing a nasty with a falling hamburger part: 100 points
Giving one nasty a ride on a falling hamburger part: 500 points
Giving two nasties a ride on a falling hamburger part: 1,000 points
Giving three nasties a ride on a falling hamburger part: 2,000 points
Giving four nasties a ride on a falling hamburger part: 4,000 points
Giving five nasties a ride on a falling hamburger part: 8,000 points
Gobbling one of the pinch of pepper prizes (ice cream, coffee, ketchup, or french fries): 500 points


Program: Ray Kaestner
Graphics: Karen Nugent
Music/Sound Effects: Bill Goodrich


Game's ROM.