Burger Time [Model DT-126]

Export DECO cass. published 39 years ago by Data East

Burger Time [Model DT-126] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Burger Time © 1982 Data East.

Export release. For more information about the game itself, see the original Japanese release entry; "Hamburger [Model DT-126]".

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Runs on the "DECO Cassette System" hardware

Cartridge ID: Model DT-126


This revised DECO Cassette System version of Burger Time was released internationally in November 1982. The original version, titled "Hamburger", was seen exclusively in Japan.

Changes from "Hamburger" :
* The enemies now enter the screen from the corners of the actual visible playfield.
* The remaining lives indicator has been moved to the lower left corner of the screen; the remaining lives are now stacked vertically.
* The chef no longer freezes his position when he sprays pepper.
* There is now a warning signal and a blinking 'Pepper' display when the chef runs out of pepper.
* The levels now appear in their more familiar order.
* The start display now says 'Get Ready' instead of 'Game Start' at the start of a new game and a new life (after getting caught).


1. Burger Time (1982)
2. Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory [Cassette No.39] (1984)
3. Super Burger Time (1990)
4. Burger Time Deluxe (2009, iPhone, Macintosh, PC)
5. Burger Time: World Tour (2011, PSN, XBLA; 2012, Nintendo Wii)


Arcade (1982) "Burger Time" : Stand-alone version.


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