Bump 'n' Jump [Model MT7045]

Atari 2600 cart. published 37 years ago by M Network

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Bump 'n' Jump © 1983 M Network.

You're at the wheel of the red car, cruising along at 20 mph. Step on it and speed down the roadway. Come up on the other cars and bump them off the road. Crash as many of them as you can.

Keep your eyes peeled for bends in the road and be ready to maneuver when the road narrows! Swerve to miss center islands and debris... jump to clear water. Quick reflexes are crucial.

Make it to the end of one roadway and you get bonus points. Then the game automatically begins at the next roadway.

Whenever you crash, your next car takes its place on the road. The game ends when all your cars crash. Start a new game and go get'em!


Model MT7045


* Keep your speed over 100 mph so you can jump at any time!

* Steer your car toward the center of the roadway. If you're near the side, you could get bumped off the road and crash!

* If you are about to crash... jump!


Designed by Data East USA, Inc.

Programmers: Jeff Ratcliff, Dave Akers
Graphics: Joe King (Joe Ferreira)
Sound: Patricia Lewis Du Long
Project Coordinator: Ron Surratt

A list of credits is hidden in the ROM at 0x27C3...
"Copyright 1983 Mattel Dave Akers Jeff Ratcliff Pat Dulong"


Game's ROM.