BASIC soft. type-in published 48 years ago by DEC

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Bullseye © 1973 DEC [Digital Equipment Corp.]

A simple text-based simulation of the perennial pub game of Darts, for up to 20(!) players. The target board is divided into zones of 10, 20, 30 and 40 points, and each player in turn selects a move: fast overarm, controlled overarm, or underarm - the type of throw dictates the probable outcome. Once all throws have been scored, a new round begins, until one or more players win by reaching 200 points.


Published in July 1973 as a type-in program in the 101 BASIC Computer Games book.


Written by: David H. Ahl


* Computers:
Apple II (1978)

* Other:
DOS (1982)


Game's Code.