Buggy Ball

V.R. game (non-coin) published 28 years ago by Virtuality

Buggy Ball screenshot

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Buggy Ball © 1994 Virtuality.

A turbo charged game of skill, suitable for 1-4 players on the SD2000 unit. An exciting, fast moving action packed game of skill. Test your nerves to the full as you get behind the wheel of any one of four hot hatches and get revved up and ready for the frills and thrills of Buggy Ball. Enter the arena in your chosen wheels and prepare yourself to score goals in a completely new kind of ball game, by using your mean machine to hit the giant beach ball out of the arena and score massive points - Easy? Not quite! Everyone else is trying to do the same thing so look around, play a little dirty and go for it big time.
Buggy BallEach time you score, the ball resets in the middle of the arena for continuous action packed fun.. There's huge excitement in all four levels of the game. Select 'Easy' and you're in for a brief tutorial about the controls, followed by an all action match. 'Medium' and 'Hard' test your skills even further with ever-increasing pace. Then take it right to the edge with 'Crazy'! Score points with goals and ramming your opposition. Look out for some surprising stunt bonuses. There are some great wheels to choose from in all levels including four-wheeled drive jeep, dune buggy, bulldozer or mad police car.


SD2000 (sit down) hardware

Type of interface: Imersive -HMD-
Physical posture: Sit Down
Motion of the platform: No
Controls: 8-way joystick, Throttle
Computer platform: 486 PC
Type of display: Virtuality Visette 2
Tracking: Polhemus Insidetrack
Size of the Unit: 5 x 4 H 48 inches
Unit Description: Stand Alone POD.

Virtuality Visette 2 headset specifications :
-High impact polymer construction
-Shock absorbing tough design
-Weight : 645 grams/1.4 lbs
-Size : Width=215mm/8,4ins; Height=95mm/3,7ins; -Min depth=295mm/11,6ins; Max depth=345mm/13,5ins
-Hygienic closed cell replaceable comfort pads
-Inter-Pupillary adjustment : 58mm/2.2ins to 70mm/2.7ins
-Field of view per eye : Horizontal=60° Vertical=46.87°
-Visual resolution : 756x244 pixels

Graphical Information:
- Texture mapping capability: Yes
- Number of Polygon per second: 30.000 texture map p/s f:20-25 f/s
- Number of max. moving objects: 512
- Other graphical info: support Gouraud Shading, Texture Mapping, Flat Shading.

- Type of sound: 8MB 16 Bit sample. (Stereo).
- Music background: Yes (CDs)

Network Information:
- Max. Number of units networked locally: 8, could be linked to the 2000 SU
- Max. Number of units networked remotly: No (in the future ISDN)

Other Technical Description:
- Mic Net support between players

Players : 4


'Cybermind UK' purchased the intellectual property of 'Virtuality' in 1997 as part of a bankruptcy settlement. On Mach 2004 'Arcadian Virtual Reality L.L.C.' acquired the assets of Cybermind UK’s virtual reality business.


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