Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom [Model 005-02]

Atari 5200 Cart. published 36 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

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Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom © 1983 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

It's the 25th century. You are Buck Rogers fighting the battle of Planet Zoom. This is a race against death! Your Ultimate and most powerful enemy is the deadly MOTHER SHIP!

There are five levels of increasing difficulty--each with four rounds of challenging space combat. Before you meet the MOTHER SHIP, your pilot skills and nerve are tested against zapping ELECTRON POSTS, ALIEN SAUCERS and smashing SPACE HOPPERS. This is a battle of speed, accuracy and endurance. Your fuel consumption is crucial to your survival. If you deplete your fuel you crash into the surface of Planet Zoom, destroying any one of your three battle ships. The faster you fly, the less fuel you burn. You receive a full tank of fuel if you destroy the MOTHER SHIP. Be aggressive but don't be reckless. This is "do or die" cosmic combat and it's the MOTHER SHIP or YOU!


Model 005-02


Alien Saucers: 200 points
Space Hopper: 300 points
Electron Posts: 500 points
The MOTHER SHIPS: 20,000 points plus full load of fuel Every 20,000 points you receive an additional fightership.


* Fly as fast as you can without crashing. The faster you fly, the less fuel you consume. You receive added points for added speed.
* If you fly outside the Electron Posts after level 1, you are likely to be hit by Electron Pulsars.
* You are more vulnerable to attack by Alien Saucers when flying low.
* Saucers are more vulnerable as they fly past from behind.
* Enemies appear in waves. Try to determine the rhythm of the waves.
* Be aggressive--if you're not, you'll use your fuel before you encounter with the MOTHER SHIP.
* Don't be reckless--your fightership steers with super-sensitive response.
* Over-steering may cause you to collide with Electron Posts, Alien Saucers or Space Hoppers.


Programmer: Ken Jordan

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