Bubsy 3D - Furbitten Planet [Model SLUS-00110]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Accolade, Inc.

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Bubsy 3D - Furbitten Planet © 1996 Accolade, Inc.

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Game ID: SLUS-00110


Released on November 26, 1996 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Bubsy 3D [Model SLES-00122]"

Goodies for Bubsy 3D - Furbitten Planet [Model SLUS-00110]
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Executive Producer: Marc Blank
Producer: Michael Berlyn
Assistant Producer: Susan Egashira
Lead Designer: Michael Berlyn
Design: Marc Blank, Richard Ham, Susan Egashira
Lead Programmer: Christopher Reese
Programmers: Kathy Bayless, Norman Chang, Marc Blank, Tom Plunket
Level Population: Susan Egashira
Wizard/Wildcard: Marc Blank
Voice Talent: Lani Minella
Art Design: Craig Maitlen
Lead Animator: Darrin Hart
3D animator: Michael Maxwell
Artists: Klee Miller, Erin Cornell, Sarah Houston
Data Management: Sarah Houston
Music & Sound Effects: Loudmouth Inc.
Manual Text: Michael Berlyn, Richard Ham
Special Thanks: Todd Thorson, Mark Brenneman, Friends and family

Executive Producer: Steven Ackrich
Assistant Producer: Jeffrey Gregg
Test Department Supervisor: Alex V. Cabal
Product Marketing Manager: Mitch Kampf
Public Relations: Bill Linn, Erica Krishnamurthy
Lead Tester: David Fung
Testers: Forrest Marsh II, Marie Person, Arnold Galano
Manual Production: William Robinson
Special Thanks: Jim Barnett, David P. Grenewetzki, Stan Roach, Neil Johnston, Luis Rivas, France M. Tantiado


Game's CD.