Bubble Ghost [Model 88035]

Apple IIGS disk. published 34 years ago by Accolade, Inc.

Bubble Ghost [Model 88035] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Bubble Ghost © 1988 Accolade, Incorporated.

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GAME ID: 88035


Bubble Ghost was designed and programmed by Infogrames (French dev.).


Points are awarded after completing a level as described below:

Completing the level: 500 points if completed with 1 bubble.

Time left on bonus counter: At the bottom of the screen is a long horizontal bar that keeps getting shorter. This is the Bonus Bar. The faster you get through the room, the higher your bonus. If you pop a bubble, the bonus counter does not reset for the next bubble. It continues from where it was when the first bubble popped.

Effective breathing techniques: When Bubble Ghost runs out of air, he turns red. He starts at a pale pink and progresses to fire engine red. If you complete the level without turning Bubble Ghost red, you earn an extra 100 points. If you hear Bubble Ghost wail, you are being warned to ease up or your 100 pOints will be gone.

Discovering castle secrets: Bubble Ghost must blow on objects in the castle to clear the way for the bubble. Solving one of these puzzles earns you 500 points.


Game's ROM
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