Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands [Model T-8131H]

A 22-year-old Sega Saturn Game by Acclaim Ent., Inc.

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Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands © 1996 Acclaim Entertainment, Incorporated.

2 classic arcade games in 1.


Game ID: T-8131H


Export releases:
[EU] "Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands [Model T-8131H-50]"
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Executive Producer: Tony Beckwith
Associate Producer: James Stewart
Programmers: David J. Broadhurst, Mark Fisher
FMV Artwork & Design: Jason McDonald, Gary Noden, Charles Jackson, Paul Brierly, Frances Castle, Alex Lawrence
Artists: Mathew Cooling, Mark Frazer
Musicians: Andrew Brock, Stuart McDonald
FMV Soundtrack: Stephen Root
QA Manager: Clifford Ramsey
QA Testing: Mitchell Slater, Nick McGee, James Brown, Craig Kerrison, Tom Geddes

QA Senior Manager: Mike Weiner
QA Supervisors: Carol Caracciolo, Thomas Falzone
Lead Analyst: Eric Hendrickson
Technical Support Supervisor: Harry Reimer
Senior Technical Analysts: John F. Gonzales, Howard Perlman
Technical Support Technicians: Greg McGovern, Andrew Fullaytor
Project Lead: Kristian Telschow
Testers: Christian Moy, Mike Sterzel, Martin Glantz
Tester Training: Christopher Shanley

Converted by Graftgold: Steve Turner, Julie Turner, Andrew Braybrook, Kevin Holloway
Programmers: Charles Knight, Jose Doran, Iain Wallington, Dan Leslie, Simon Clay
Artists: Colin Seaman, Jeffrey Miranda, Steve Wilkins, Mike McGregor
Musician: Lee Banyard

Game's CD.