Brutal Sports Football [Model JA100]

A 24-year-old Atari Jaguar Cart. by Telegames, Inc.

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Brutal Sports Football © 1994 Telegames.

The idea for a Brutal Football League was originated in 2034 when the Universal Football League dwindled due to audience boredom. In addition to its entertainment value, Brutal Football was initially conceived as a crude population control operation.

The first Brutal Football matches, played by humans, were extremely popular. However, interest began to die as quickly as the players. Crowds grew restless as the games rarely lasted for more than a minute. Two teams dominated this period: the Brain Dead Bazookas and the high-flying National Nukers.

The final confrontation between these teams drew an enormous crowd to the Bad Lands Arena where the game was to be fought. An explosive match was predicted. Unfortunately, no one had predicted quite how explosive it would be. Within thirty seconds the Nukers lived up to their name as they declared nuclear war. The entire land mass of Utopia was obliterated. The result was deemed a no score draw.

This set-back might have been the end of the game except for the vision of Professor I.M. Looney. His genetically engineered bi-peds proved ideal players of the game. Once production had been taken over by Acme Bi-peds, Inc., the new league was up and running - WILDLY!


Model JA100


* Correct the League Mode Bug (at password screen):
RMVVKL343 333VZ6387

* Start at the 2nd league w/ Mad Dogs (at password screen):
then enter a different teams name for the last 9 spaces for that name.

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