Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling [Model SLUS-00571]

Sony PlayStation CD published 23 years ago by Adrenalin Ent.

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling © 1998 Adrenalin Ent.

Bowling. A sport that depends more on talent and raw wrist power than actual physical conditioning. A sport that can be so laid back that there's even a section of it that involves buying beer. While THQ can't bring you a six-pack when you throw a strike on the seventh frame, it does manage to deliver an extremely realistic bowling title, complete with some of the best big-money bowlers in the world today.

You have the opportunity to create your own bowler or choose one of the 13 Brunswick Pro Staff bowlers. But be warned because these bowlers are tough stuff and will tell you right away that they own the alley.

With different gameplay modes to choose from, you can select Exhibition to get going quickly, or a Skins game for big money. There's also tournament mode, career mode and cosmic bowling, which turn the lane into a discotheque. The lane's realistically oiled, which forces you to move around the lane and change your rolls as the conditions change.


Game ID: SLUS-00571


Game's CD.