Broken Helix [Model SLUS-00289]

Sony PlayStation CD published 24 years ago by Konami America

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Broken Helix © 1997 Konami of America.


Game ID: SLUS-00289


Released on May 29, 1997 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Broken Helix [Model SLES-00873]" (1998)
[JP] "Broken Helix [Model SLPM-86065]" (1998)


Lead Programmer (3-D Engine, Game Logic, Sound Engine, PSX Tools, Lunch Coordinator): Scott Krotz
Project Director [Mad Scientist] (Lead Designer, Script Writer, Level Designer, Texture Maps, 3-D Models, Animation): Jeff Troutman
Visual Effects Artist (Cinemas, Animation, 3-D Models, Level Designer, Texture Maps): Keith Uecker
Visual Effects Artist (Cinemas, Animation, 3-D Models, Textures): Richie Romero
Sound Project Leader (Sound Designer, MAD Audio Bitshifter, Cinema Audio Production, Additional Music): Todd Davies
Demented Composer: Adgio Hutchings
Additional Art (Cinemas, Animation, 3-D Models, Textures): Erik Kuska
Additional Programming (Tools Programmer): Patrick Costello
Additional Design: Scott Krotz, Karl Roelofs, Keith Uecker
Quality Assurance: Dan Markham
Testers: Heather C. Keiser, Kristine Murray, Scott Dirnberger, David McEwen
The Voice of Jake Burton: Bruce Campbell
Additional Voices: Derek Procell, Dave Jones Jr., Rebecca Kaufman, Paula Anne Ramsey, Jack O'Martin, Bob Filler, Keith Uecker, Todd Davies, Jeff Troutman, Scott Krotz
Special Thanks: Sandy Troutman, Emily and Josh, Ma and Pa Troutman, Carl and Toots Uecker, Lynn Uecker, Craig Lindberg, Tim Vaupel, Tommy Ogden, Laurie Perkins, Laura Branson, Jason Romero, Tracy Baldwin, Michelle Kramer, Rich and Nancy Krotz, Kristin Krotz, Joe, Melissa, Dave, Doug, Julie and Karl, Masahiro Ueno, Dan Markham, Connie Mitchell, Susan O'Rielly, 3D Studio, Pyromania, Pee Wee, The Little Green Men, Your Momma Who Drives My School Bus


Game's CD.