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Brigade screenshot

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5-reel 9-line video slot. What about robbing a bank? If you are a success you'll have everything : high living, big money, casinos and expensive cars. If you fail meet the police, get ready to try handcuffs and probably an electric chair. What should be done to be a success? First of all organize a gang or a brigade. Find five tough guys for your brigade in the bonus game. Be careful! If you choose a policeman the game will be over. Now you are the brigade leader! Bank Robbery Bonus gives you a chance to become rich. Safety deposit boxes with money and jewelry are waiting for you. Good luck!
Maximum bet : 750 credits
Maximum winning : 250,000 credits


Last desire : Three barrels turn in a circle in the centre of the screen; the cards with identical symbols are situated along the perimeter of it. The winning value in this bonus will depend on where the light impulse will stop.
If the light impulse stops on the card with handcuffs depicted, a player will get down to the bonus Gather a Brigade. If a player gets through this bonus, he can play Bonus Bank Robbery.