Breakout 2000 [Model J9093E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 25 years ago by Telegames, Inc.

Breakout 2000 [Model J9093E] screenshot

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Breakout 2000 © 1996 Telegames

Breakout 2000 was a 3-D version of the arcade classic. Designed for one or two players. The object of the game remained the same but in a 3-D playfield. There were a total of ten different phases to survive, each consisting of five playfields. Each playfield was more difficult to clear than prior one, and each Phase added even more difficulty and features.


Model J9093E


* Cheats (enter after brick formation before your ball is released):
Breakthrough ball: 7+8+9+1
Lightning ball: 7+8+9+2
Attract ball: 7+8+9+3
Catch mode on: 7+8+9+4
99 balls: 1+3+5
Skip current level: 1+6+7
Skip levels set: 1+5+7

* Banish Robots: When robots appear during gameplay, press '*' + '#'.


Programmer: Mario Perdue


Game's ROM.