Break the Bank

Redemption game published by ICE

Not listed in MAME yet.

Break the Bank © 200? ICE (Innovative Concepts in Entertainment).

It's a 1- to 2-player skill remdemption game in which players attempt to unlock all four locks to open the 'vault' of tickets by racing coins down the alley ramp in an effort to hit the 'unlock' target on the wheel. When 3 of the 4 locks are opened, a frenzy of competition between the 2 players starts to see who can unlock the fourth and final lock and break into the bank winning the bonus ticket payout. Even if players don't hit the 'unlock' symbol they still land on a preset ticket value.


Dimensions : 49in. x 42in. x 82in.

Operator adjustable for ticket and bonus payout as well as bonus locks.


Machine's picture.