Break Point [Model SLES-00258]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Ocean Soft.

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Break Point © 1996 Ocean Soft., Ltd.

This vividly graphical ballfest allows you to play against a whole host of opponents as well as 'realpeople' (ie. other human beings). Singles or doubles, competing in one-off competitions or the 17 tournament 'Super Cup', players have the Break Point Tennis world at their feet. Fully rendered 3D environments and players brings Break Point Tennis to life - in fact it's a whole lot more exciting than a lifetime of Summers at Wimbledon. Four court surfaces provide the variety while the 'Action Replay' feature lets you view those stunning shots from any angle and even see them frame-by-frame.


Game ID: SLES-00258


Export releases:
[JP] "Break Point [Model SLPM-86044]"