Brave Fire Fighters

Arcade Video Game published 20 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

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Brave Fire Fighters © 1999 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

Brave Firefighters is a forward moving 3-D simulator that delivers a game of unbelievable realism. Players are confronted with a number of exciting obstacles including realistic smoke, unexpected explosions, failling objects and of course, unpredictable conflagrations!
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Runs on the Sega "Hikaru" hardware.


Brave Fire Fighters was released in June 1999, it was the first video game produced for the Sega Hikaru hardware.

Players use a fire hose that replicates the weight, grip and controls of a real fire hose The nozzle vibrates when the spray switch is depressed adding greatly to the illusion of reality. The tip of the nozzle twists allowing players to the control the shape of the spray from a light mist to a strong stream.

Brave Fire Fighters is a part of the Sega's 'Real Life Career Series', others are "Emergency Call Ambulance", "18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker", "Jambo!
Safari", "Airline Pilots" and "Crazy Taxi".

Soundtrack releases :
Airline Pilots & Brave Fire Fighters [Marvelous Entertainment (MMV) - MJCA-00061 - Sep 17, 1999]


Music : Makito Nomiya


Sega Dreamcast (A collection including "Brave Firefighters", "Jambo! Safari", and "Emergency Call Ambulance" was planned but not released.)

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