Boxing [Model 1819]

Mattel Intellivision Game published 39 years ago by Mattel Electronics

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Boxing © 1980 Mattel Electronics

It's the Battle of the Century! Both players select and go with their contender for 15 grueling rounds to a decision. Or one boxer wins by a knockout and this fight is history! The computer is the referee. Body punches, feints, hard shots to the head! You can even pull your punches. Rounds, time remaining, seconds count for a knockdown and running point totals automatically displayed! Here's supercharged excitement - the ring strategy and action of Big Time Boxing! Will your fighter be Champion?


Model 1819

[1] High Left Feint
[2] Pull Punch
[3] High Right Feint
[4] High Left Punch
[5] Duck
[6] High Right Punch
[7] Middle Left Punch
[8] Duck
[9] Middle Right Punch
[CLEAR] Low Left Punch
[0] Pull Punch
[ENTER] Low Right Punch



* STRATEGY should be a mix of Offense and Defense, plus common sense. It takes skill to win, not merely throwing punches.

* KNOW THE OPPOSITION! Think and then fight. Feel out the other fighter! Decide whether to go for the knockout or pile up points and win by Decision. (Computer is the referee.) Pace your fighter.

* KNOW YOUR FIGHTER. Keep track of how much punishment he's taking. If it's too much use the Disc. Back him away. Try blocking more punches. Use strategy, think ahead. Use his strengths - Power, Defense, etc.

* COUNTER-PUNCH! Develop your reactions. Watch for openings and exploit them. Get your boxer off the ropes and turn the tables! Build combinations of ducks or feints.

* REMEMBER: When you move in close, Computer will automatically hold you in there throwing punches. This means you can work the keys to punch, feint or duck without worrying about the Direction Disc. (If either fighter uses the Disc, this is no longer true.)


Program: Tom Loughry

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