A 34-year-old Arcade Video Game by Ent. Sciences

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Bouncer © 1984 Entertainment Sciences.

A 3-D cartoon style game. You control 'Mr. Clean' a bar bouncer that must maintain order by throwing out unruly customers while keeping the other patrons protected form bad guys - Fatso, Soppy, Romeo and Scooter - and happy until they leave. The name of the club is The Ritz. The bouncer can grab, punch or crush them into ball and toss them out. Besides the bouncer who you control, there are a few other characters in this game like a bartender and a waitress who are your friends in the business. When all patrons are eliminated the game is over.
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Players : 1
Control : trackball
Buttons : 3


This game is a very rare prototype. It was shown, during the development, in Gamepro in 1983/84.

This game makes an appearance in the movie 'Ninja III - The Domination'.

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