Bouken Danshaku Don - The Lost Sunheart [Model IM92001]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 29 years ago by I'Max

Bouken Danshaku Don - The Lost Sunheart [Model IM92001] screenshot

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冒険男爵ドン The Lost Sunheart © 1992 I'Max.
(Bouken Danshaku Don - The Lost Sunheart)

Bouken Danshaku Don is an unusual horizontal shooter by I'Max. The five crystals which give the Sunheart its strength have been stolen by some mystical and evil eye forces, and the goal of the game is to bring them back. The main protagonist fights his way through five huge levels, from large cities at night to the great wall of China. The game features two play modes, 'arcade' and 'story', built around the same stage layout and play mechanics. Both modes are fairly identical and the story option simply introduces the game's plot through basic cut-scenes at the end of each stage. The player starts off the game at the controls of the Raiden U-T, a fast flying machine. Later stages reveal three other ships - the Sinden STT, the Kaiden Dig submarine and the Ice Jet. Power ups can be collected along the way by defeating special spinning enemies (F for more life, C to increase the ship's firepower, H for high beams etc...). Other special weapons can also be picked up and activated during the game (by pressing Run) - Rotating Shields, Homing Missiles, Side Guns, Wave Lasers and so forth.


[Model IM92001]


Bouken Danshaku Don was released on January 04, 1992 in Japan for 6800 Yen.

March 1992 - Joypad N.6 [FR]: 67/100


Produced by: Nazuya Tobita
Directed by: Ittetsu Zuzuki
Programmed by: Teruaki Kawaguchi
Music Driver by: Ryoichi Ohkubo
Story by: Tetsunosuke
All Designed by: Tetsunosuke
Sub Designed by: Takao Yoshiba
Art Designed by: Takao Yoshiba
Music Composed by: Takane Ohkubo
Edited by: Toshiaki Kanauchi, Takane Ohkubo, Teruaki Kawaguchi


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Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com