A Arcade Video Game by StrayLight

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Bonk © 199? StrayLight Corp.

You're trapped high in the sky inside a giant three dimensional cage. Out of the fog rolls a giant asteroid bouncing loudly against the inside of your virtual prison. You're strapped into your CyberTron gyro, totally immersed in this 3D world. Firing your rockets ahead of the path of this asteroid, the explosions break it into smaller chunks.

CyberTron's three dimensional sound reveals that each of these chunks are bouncing behind and to the right of you. You fire your thrusters, tilt your body up and to the left and fly off to a nearby wall where you ricochet forward and away from the deadly asteroids. As you fly backwards, you hear an earth-shattering explosion.
You've been BONKED by another asteroid you didn't see behind you. Fortunately you have several lives left before the end of this four-minute game. There are still five game levels of difficulty yet to be conquered.


Bonk the Arcade Video Game
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CyberTron hardware

Type of Interface : Imersive -HMD-
Unit Description : The CyberTron is based on a human size Gyroscope (anti gravity full body motion system) and a Silicon Graphic Computer. The motion platform units can be networked so that one player can "see" and interact with the other(s) in the Virtual World. A maximum of 4 units may be networked.

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