Bone Cruncher

Acorn BBC/Electron Cass. published 31 years ago by Superior Soft.

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Bone Cruncher © 1987 Superior Software.

You play the role of Bono, an amiable dragon who lives in a castle by the sea. As a shrewd business-dragon, keen on "nice little earners", you make your living by selling soap to the giant monsters who bathe in the sea surrounding the castle. The monsters are so large that they need plenty of soap, and in order to keep their business you must supply them regularly.

Your castle is the headquarters of "Bono's Bathing Company". Inside the castle are 22 increasigly hazardous chambers where you and your business partner, Fozzy, produce soap by an age-old recipe: collecting skeletons and boiling them in a cauldron. Five skeletons are needed to make one bar of soap. Once you have collected five skeletons, simply move to a cauldron and touch it.

Before you move into the next chamber, you must produce five bars of soap; you must also deliver each bar in turn to the bathing monsters by climbing up the staircases which exit from the castle chambers. However, your employment is hampered by the deadly creatures that inhabit the chambers and you will also encounter many obstacles in your path.


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