Bomber Man '94 [Special Version] [Model HCD3054]

A 25-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD-ROM by Hudson Soft.

Bomber Man

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Bomber Man '94 [Special Version] © 1993 Hudson Soft.

Bomber Man '94 Special Version is a limited edition game that was distributed to promote the soon-to-be released Bomber Man '94 (released on Hucard in December 1993). In a nutshell, Bomber Man '94 Special Version only offers the multi-player Battle Mode from Bomber Man '94, the multi-player Tag Mode and no single-play capability. However, these multi-player modes are really limited - only one battle arena to chose from, multi-player only (there is no option to play against the computer) and it doesn't include any of the character variations found in Bomber Man '94.


Game ID: HCD3054


Bomber Man '94 Special Version was available before the retail release of Bomber Man '94 and shows some interesting differences. Although the official release date is unknown, Bomber Man '94 Special Version 's opening sequence clearly displays a Bomber Man '94 Coming Soon message. Additionally, some of the ingame graphics are still temporary and in progress - the most obvious are the Victory and Draw Game screens which are a lot less elaborate (they feature a stage with curtains in the final version, and solid grey walls in the special version), as well as the trophy screen which uses gold coins instead of trophy cups ! It is not really clear as to where this promotional version actually originated from (most likely from Hudson Soft's exclusive fan club or given away at one of their popular tournaments) and only 10,000 copies are believed to exist.


Secret code:
At the CD-ROM boot up screen (before the game starts), press and hold Left and then Run. The 'Push Run Button' English text on the title screen should change to Japanese (it indicates that the code was successfully entered). Although this code unlocks new battle arenas in Tengai Makyou Deden no Den, it doesn't seem to do anything here...

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