Bomber Man '93 [Model HC92061]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 31 years ago by Hudson Soft.

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Bomber Man '93 [Model HC92061] screenshot

Bomber Man '93 © 1992 Hudson Soft.

The Bombermen are back in this wacky sequel to the first Bomberman smash hit originally released in 1990 by Hudson Soft. In this episode, the evil Kurobon, the black Bomberman, has stolen vital components from the Galaxy's power station and has scattered them throughout seven different and hostile planets across the universe. The courageous white Bomberman embarks on a mission to retrieve the stolen components and to finally capture the culprit. As expected, the gameplay uses the same ingredients that made the series so popular - players have to complete a myriad of levels by strategically dropping time-bombs and blasting away every single critters that haunt them, before exiting through a warp door to the next level. Special items are hidden inside destructible blocks and grant players with additional powers, such as speed-ups, extra bombs, greater blast range, bomb kick, remote bombs and so forth. Of course, Bomberman'93 adds several new gameplay twists not found in previous episodes, as well as tons of new traps and odd devices, such as warps, rotating-tiles and conveyor belts to only name a few. Boss battles have also been revamped and the various creatures the player encounters are now larger and unquestionably meaner. Finally, and in the Bomberman tradition, the game also includes an intense multi-player battle mode where up to five player can blast each other up at the same time!


GAME ID: HC92061


Bomber Man '93 was released on December 11, 1992 in Japan.

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