Arcade Video game published 42 years ago by
SEGA Enterprises

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Bomber © 1977 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

The player controls a side-scrolling bomber plane that bombs building targets at the bottom of the screen (which look like warehouses and water towers) while avoiding or shooting smaller fighter planes that enter from the opposite side of the screen. The player can not release another bomb until the first has impacted; therefore, flying low to the ground provides more opportunities to drop bombs, and on occasion the player may actually be able to fly at building-level and shoot buildings with his front-mounted gun.

As the player progresses, their bomber moves slowly toward the opposite side of the screen where the enemy fighters come in, making it increasingly more difficult to avoid them, until the bomber's nose is touching the edge of the screen, where it stays until the player collides or otherwise gets killed. If the player has extra lives, the level resets, and the bomber respawns at its original entry point on the far side of the screen.

The player must also contend with fuel levels which can be increased by bombing the ground targets marked OIL among the buildings on the ground.


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Released during April 1977.

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