Blood Gear [Model HCD4048]

NEC PC-Engine CD-ROM published 25 years ago by Hudson Soft.

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Blood Gear © 1994 Hudson Soft.

Blood Gear is a futuristic mecha action/RPG by Westone/Red, and published by Hudson Soft. The Deguna empire is taking over the world and sends its troops across the galaxy. This epic science-fiction adventure features large battle mechs called PGs (Powered Gears) and Aref, a young pilot whose destiny is to affront the emerging menace. The really elaborate story starts within the walls of a laboratory where two scientists contemplate a new and powerful Powered Gear. But things quickly turn bad an other human driven robots break into the facility. One of the scientist, deadly wounded, manages to escape and saves a control device that he hands over to Aref. This curious device allows him to pilot Powered Gears an he now embarks on a journey to unlock the secrets of the Empire. Most of Blood Gear is played as a typical overhead Role Playing Game where the player explores futuristic cities or travel around the country and, later in the game, through the Solar System. During this phase, the player can upgrade his mech or purchase new weapons, ammo or protection. This is also where the game's progress can be saved or our hero's precious life bar refilled. Once outside, the player can only move along predefined paths. However, when specific locations are reached the game switches to side-scrolling action phases where our hero in his PG fights his way through waves of various enemy robots and war machines. Experience points are earned by defeating such enemies and can be later spent to upgrade and customize parts of the mech. The first mech the player happen to control is rather slow but new and more powerful PGs are available throughout the game. Different kind of weaponry can also be equipped at once which provides a balance of strategy and head-on action.
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Game ID: HCD4048


Blood Gear was released on October 28, 1994 in Japan for 6800 Yen.


Developed by Westone/Red Entertainment.


Unit Production Director: K. Kikuchi
Main Programmer: T. Watanabe
Sub Programmer: K. Tozaku
Art Director: H. Nakazima
SP Designers: H. Nakazima, S. Sakurai, R. Sumi
Map Designers: H. Nakazima, R. Sumi
Map Decorator: Y. Hirata
Action Scene Designers: H. Nakazime, R. Sumi, S. Ssakurai
Action Scene Decorator: Y. Hirata
Sound Designer: Jin. W.
Acting Coachers: T. Watanabe, Y. Hirata, H. Nakazima


Visual Effects Coordinators: T. Watanabe, Y. Hirata
Visual Effects Designer: K. Tozaki
Storyboard Artists: M. Ohzora, Y. Hirata
Original: Mora Okamora, Boku Kubo, M. Ohzora
Music Composer: Jin W., S. Sakamoto
Sound Effects: Jin W.
Guiter: S. Suzuki
Visual Scenes Supervisor: T. Watanabe
Visual Scenes Graphics: M. Ohzora, H. Nakazima, K. Saito
Title Designer: S. Sakurai


Naration: I. Nagai
Aref Rolen Gray: M. Ohkura
Rakuh E. Bower: K. Shiozawa
Bey Eurct Degner: B. Ginga
J.G. Carniham: I. Nagai
Shato Rolen Gray: K. Tanaka
May Eurct Far: R. Kasahara
Yan Myroad: H. Ishikawa
Shell Vianne: W. Yamazaki
Cash Randy: T. Kobayashi
Shege Senpha: H. Sato
Marru Gartnet: E. Ogata
Marl Bgatty: T. Kobayashi
Ill Marshal: K. Tanaka
Khiese Bray: H. Sato


Adviser: E. Aoyama, Yuzawa Kappa, R. Nishizawa, M. Kadowaki
Supervisor: T. Matsunaga, A. Yamazaki, M. Ishizuka, Y. Jurihara
Design Supporters: M. Yoshihara, M. Morioka, K. Saito
Catering: Shumei, Mukuni, Maruka

The Producers With to thank: CSP Tokyo


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