Blitz! [Model HS-4120]

GCE Vectrex published 37 years ago by GCE

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Blitz! © 1982 GCE [General Consumer Electric]

Will you have a championship season or just be an also-ran? You're in control as head coach of this championship caliber squad. Run, pass, punt, kick field goals -- all the excitement of a real game. Play against the computer's tough defense or invite a visiting coach to join in a real showdown!

You have the choice of 3 game options. Each game operates the same way, but they vary in speed and difficulty. Game 1 is the slowest and easiest while Game 3 is the fastest and most difficult.


Model HS-4120

Joystick: On offense, moves the ball carrier around the field. On defense,
controls one of your men.
Button 1: Strong left or Field Goal Select. Moves your man into a strong
left formation. Also used to select field goal formation.
Button 2: Power Middle or Punt Select. Moves your man into a power middle
formation. Also used to select punt formation.
Button 3: Spread or Pass or Kick. Moves your men into a spread formation.
Also used to release a pass or kick.
Button 4: Strong Right or Snap. Moves your men into a strong right
formation. Also used to snap the ball.

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