Blazing Star [Model NGM-239]

A 20-year-old SNK Neo-Geo MVS Cart. by Yumekobo

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Blazing Star © 1998 Yumekobo.

A beautiful horizontally scrolling shoot'em up.
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Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID: NGM-239

Players: 2
Control: 8-way joystick
Buttons: 2
=> Ship name (pilot) > [A] Normal/Rapid/Charge attack, [B] Break attack
=> Hell Hound (Caster) > [A] 4 way shot/6 way shot/Deathflame, [B] Hell burst
=> Windina (Leefa) > [A] Wave/Tidal wave/3 way spread, [B] Homing
=> Aryustailm (JB) > [A] Laser/Lightning bolt/Sword, [B] Sword field
=> Peplos (Asayuki) > [A] 3 way shot/3 way fire/Holy flare, [B] Devil breath
=> Dino 135 (Naomi Y.) > [A] Shot/Rapidshot/Spreadshot, [B] Special scatter
=> Dino 246 (Kaoru Y.) > [A] Shot/Rapidshot/Chargeshot, [B] Bomber


Blazing Star was released in January 1998. It is Yumekobo's first game developed and released for the Neo-Geo MVS.

KAORU.Y (The last ship at the character selection screen) is the lead character from "Pulstar".

Part of the "Pulstar" / "R*Type" team also worked on Blazing Star (see Staff section for more information).

Pony Canyon / Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Blazing Star - PCCB-00306) on March 18, 1998.


* Stage Select : At the ship select screen, hold RIGHT and D on both 1 and 2-player sides, then select your ship. The next screen will be a stage select menu.

* While choosing a ship in the select screen, press C+D for an extra color ship.

* Asayuki and its Peplos ship can't power-up with any items.


Executive producers : Akio Inove, Nobuyuki Okude
Producer : Takaya ida
Sub. producer : Isamu yutani
Director : Michio Sato
Main programmer : Minoru Yoshida
Sub. programmer : Taka / M. Sakae
Chief designer : Tomonori Nagakubo
Designers : Kyou Yamanaka, Izumi Senou, Saki, Shotabira, Yumetard, Tatsuo Shioda
Character designer : Daikichi
Design helpers : Mayumi Takeuchi, Itsuo Iton, Mitsuo Takano, Masakazu Ishizaki
Sound designer : Yasuaki Fujita
Music composer : Harumi Fujita


SNK Neo-Geo AES [JP] (1998) "Blazing Star [Model NGH-239]"

Google Play (jul.2012) Blazing Star
Apple App Store (jul.2012) Blazing Star (Published by SNK Playmore)

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