Blast Chamber [Model SLUS-00219]

Sony PlayStation Game published 23 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Blast Chamber © 1996 Activision, Inc.

Welcome to The Blast Chamber. Your challenge is simple: survive the game! Before entering the chamber you should familiarize yourself with the competition and the chamber itself. Your efforts will determine whether you succeed and are rewarded with fame and glory - or fail in a flaming burst of C4.
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Game ID: SLUS-00219


Released in October 1996 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Blast Chamber [Model SLES-00476]"
[JP] "Kyuu Bakukku [Model SLPS-00622]"


Associate Producer: David Stohl
Audio Engineer: Big Fat Kitty Productions
Computer Voice: Regina Sweeney
Director of Music Production: Kelly Walker Rogers
Additional Music by: Jeehun Hwang
Creative Affairs: Daniel Atkins, Johnathon Harris, Scott Lahman, David Pass
Product Manager: Marc Metis
Associate Product Manager: Frank Alizaga
Quality Assurance Director: Jon Doellstedt
Quality Assurance Manager: David Arnspiger
QA Project Lead: Jenny Park, Ken Ramirez
Testers: David Berenbaum, Drew Bittner, Jose Ferrufino, Indra Yee, Douglas Jacobs, Anthony Hatch Korotko, Alex Lopez, Damian Paige, Marietta Pashayan, Ivan Del Razo, Steven Sanchez, Chris Strompolos, Kelvin Wilkerson
Manual Writer: Ed Mun
Documentation Manager: Michael Rivera
Package Designer: Gisels Lee
Customer Support Manager: Jameson Wang
Localization Manager, U.K.: Lia Ithell
Localization Manager, Japan: Jeff Matsushita
Special Thanks to: Eric Capp, Jerome Chen, Kevin Cohen, Stephen Crane, Nathalie Deschartes, Alan Gershenfeld, Janine Johnson, Howard Marks, Bob Pettit, Bill Swartz
Produced and Directed by: Tom Sloper

Project Management: Chris Gibbs
Technical Management: Robert Gill
Lead Programming: Steve Bennett, Julian Thomas, Andrew Wright
Artwork: Jon Baker, Tony Heap
Music: Will Davis
Effects: Will Davis
Chamber Design: Jim McPhail, Stuart Tilley

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