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Blades of Vengeance [Model 7084]

Sega Genesis game published 26 years ago by Electronic Arts

Blades of Vengeance [Model 7084] screenshot

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Blades of Vengeance © 1993 Electronic Arts.

Beware!! Evil Awaits...
Can You Handle The Monstrous Onslaughts And Defeat The Evil Dark Lady?

- Slay evil with battle ax, rapier, mace, crossbow and fireball.
- Choose from three different characters; Huntress, Warrior or Sorcerer.
- Explore 8 forbidding locations.
- Build your powers with special armor and weapons.
- Improve your odds of survival with magic spells.
- Exterminate countless enemies and confront the 8 terrifying end of level bosses.
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GAME ID: 7084

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