Commodore C64 cart. published 34 years ago by Ultimate Play The Game

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Blackwyche © 1985 Ultimate Play The Game.

Out of dark rolling mists it came, a shdowy outline drifting slowly through the silent waters of the night. As it drew closer, there formed the gostly shape of a large galleon.

My eyes beheld a strange luminiscence surrounding the vessel, as though it was being driven towards me by some powerful supernatural force.

My heart began to pound with fear as I knew that this could not be real. How could this timeless ship have roamed the seas for more than two centuries? If so, what terrible fate could have befallen the crew?

As I gazed in wonder at this astounding sight, the ship slowly came to a halt close to my meagre craft, almost inviting me to investigate its long-since deserted decks.


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