Black Widow

Dart game published 21 years ago by Arachnid, Inc.

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Black Widow © 1999 Arachnid.

2 Dart Games : The Black Widow, when played in the 'split-screen' mode, is the functional equivalent of 2 Galaxy games. Each side functions independently and offers all of the games and features of the Galaxy, plus more.

Simultaneous Play (Head-to-Head) (Left vs. Right)

Traditional Games are more fun :
Tic-Tac-Darts – Close the number before your opponent.
Cricket – Pile on the points before your opponent closes the number.

New Games are new fun :
Quick Draw – 3 randomly selected numbers pop up each round, be the first one to score on that number and steal your opponent's dart(s).
Quicket – Cricket with a twist. Hit the magic number first and steal your opponent's dart(s).
Golf – The Black Widows Golf game, developed by Arachnid owner John Martin, provides strategy and difficulty similar to the real game of golf. Nonetheless, Arachnid's Golf is much more civilized. The game has an on-screen course with 18 different holes. The dart head is used for the direction of a given shot. Think of it like this, the dart head is a compass rose. Your ball is where the bull's eye is. You can shoot in any direction. For the length of a shot there is a distance meter. When you hit the target at the desired distance and in the desired direction, the ball will end up where you want it to go. If you do not hit the target where you wanted to, you may end up in the water, in the trees or maybe even in a sand trap.
A scorecard is displayed between holes. The winner of the last hole is highlighted along with the overall winner. This game supports up to eight players, with 2 players shooting simultaneously per hole. This game is only available on the Black Widow.
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Height : 81inch.
Width : 74inch.
Length : 20inch.


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