Black Hole [Model 668]

Pinball published 39 years ago by Gottlieb, D.

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Black Hole © 1981 Gottlieb.


Gottlieb System 80
Model Number : 668

Main CPU : MOS Technology M6502 (@ 850 KHz)
Sound CPU : MOS Technology M6502 (@ 1 MHz)
Sound Chips : DAC
Speech generated by a Votrax SC-01.


Released in October 1981.

This was the first table to feature the revolutionary lower-reversed playing surface. However, its biggest claim to fame is that it was the first accepted table to cost 50 cents to play, which quickly made it the highest earning pin game in the history of the industry. With its fast paced gameplay and unique feature set, this table is considered a classic that was ahead of its time.

8,774 units were produced.

The original concept for Black Hole did NOT originate at Gottlieb! Black Hole was designed and built by two pinball novices from Harrisburg, PA and presented in a working concept prototype to Gottlieb.


Lower playfield scoring :

* Rollunder :
100 points.
Advances multiplier.

* Pop bumpers :
100 points.

* Left return rollover :
100 points.

* Ten-point switches :
10 points.

* Left drop target bank :
3,000 points (3-ball) when lit.
1,000 points (5-ball) when lit.
300 points (3-ball) when unlit.
100 points (5-ball) when unlit.
Completing sequence reset bank and opens gate.
Completing sequence with all targets lit lights hole (upper playfield) for extra ball.

* Right drop target :
500 points.
Completing sequence resets bank, opens gate, advances rollunder (upper playfield) value and awards special when lit.

* Capture hole :
3,000 points.
Captures ball when flashing.

Upper playfield scoring :

* Drop targets :
5,000 points (3-ball) when lit or flashing.
3,000 points (5-ball) when lit or flashing.
500 points when unlit.
Hitting drop target with flashing lamp will advance lamp sequence.
Completing drop target lamp sequence resets bank and lights spinner (5-bank) or light right side rollover (4-bank)
Completing either lamp sequence (B-L-A-C-K or H-O-L-E) gives 2X scoring on lower playfield.
Completing both lamp sequences (B-L-A-C-K or H-O-L-E) light 3-bank (lower playfield) for special and gives 3X scoring on lower playfield.

* Right side rollover :
10,000 points when lit.
500 points when unlit.

* Rollunder :
10,000 points when lit (white)
5,000 points when unlit
Awards extra ball when purple lamp is lit
Awards special when red lamp is lit.

* Capture hole :
5,000 points
Awards extra ball when purple lamp is lit.
Captures ball when blue lamp is flashing.

* Right return rollover :
5,000 points and opens gate when flashing.
500 points when unlit.

* Top rollovers :
3,000 points when lit.
500 points when unlit.
Completing sequence advances multiplier and resets sequence.

* Ten-point switches :
10 points.
Closes gate except during multi-ball.

* Spin target :
1,000 points when lit.
100 points when unlit.

* Right side spot targets :
3,000 points when lit.
500 points when unlit.
Corresponding lamp for drop target bank (lower playfield, 4-bank) will illuminate.
Completing sequence lights right return rollover and blue hole, wich enables capture hole.

* Pop bumpers :
1,000 points (3-ball).
100 points (5-ball).
Closes gate except during multi-ball.


To succeed at Black Hole, you'll need to learn how to maximize your points on the lower surface, which you get to through the gravity tunnel. By clearing all the letters 'B-L-A-C-K' in sequence, you activate a g-force accelerator. The flashing arrow shows which letter you need to get next. One g-force accelerator doubles the points you earn. Clearing the letters 'H-O-L-E' in sequence also earns a g-force accelerator. When both g-force accelerators are lit you earn triple points as well as lighting a special. Clearing the bank of three drop-targets below advance the roll-under lit specials. Complete all three rollovers up top to advance the bonus multiplier from 2x up to 5x.



Sony PS2 (2006, "Gottlieb Pinball Classics")
Sony PSP (2006, "Gottlieb Pinball Classics")
Xbox 360 [Xbox Live] (Apr. 04 2012, "The Pinball Arcade")
Sony PS3 [Sony PSN] (Apr. 10, 2012; "The Pinball Arcade")

MAC OS [Mac App Store] (2012)

Apple Store (Feb. 09, 2012, "The Pinball Arcade")
Android (Feb. 10, 2012, "The Pinball Arcade")


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