Black & White Sevens [Quick Hit Platinum] [Model S9-1]

Slot Machine published 12 years ago by Bally Tech., Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME !
Information for the following ROM(s): smiy0917 smiy0918 smiy0919 smiy0920 smiy0921


Black & White Sevens [Quick Hit Platinum] © 2007 Bally Tech.


Houseable in the following cabinet.
"Alpha Elite V32": Game Kit # 131984
"Alpha 2 Pro V32"


SMI #Y0917
Min/Max%: 88.05%/88.05%

SMI #Y0918
Min/Max%: 90.06%/90.06%

SMI #Y0919
Min/Max%: 92.09%/92.09%

SMI #Y0920
Min/Max%: 94.06%/94.06%

SMI #Y0921
Min/Max%: 95.91%/95.91%


* Top Award
Any nine QH symbols pays 2,000 × total bet. Occurs every 2,073,600 games.
Any eight QH symbols pays 650 × total bet. Occurs every 87,617 games.
Any seven QH symbols pays100 × total bet. Occurs every 9,327 games.
Any six QH symbols pays 50 × total bet. Occurs every 1,329 games.
Any five QH symbols pays 10 × total bet . Occurs every 230 games.
Any four QH symbols pays 5 × total bet.
Any three QH symbols pays 1 × total bet.
Any progressive occurs every 191.62 games.
Three QH symbol appears every 19 games.

* Free Games Bonus Feature occurs every 96 plays.

* Overall Hit Frequency: 50.19%

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