Black & White Double Jackpot - Quick Hit Feature

A 9-year-old Slot Machine by Bally Gaming, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !

Information for the following ROM(s): smih1397 smih1398 smih1334 smih1399 smih1335 smih1400


Black & White Double Jackpot - Quick Hit Feature © 2009 Bally Gaming, Incorporated.

3 Reels, 1 Line, 2 Credits Buy-A-Pay slot.


[Bally Signature Series]
Artform: QD7-500
Software Part Number: 300215

Game Kit #168247 ALPHA S9000
Game Kit #168243 ALPHA Elite S9E
Game Kit #168251 ALPHA Elite JUMBO Reels
Game Kit #168249 CineReels

Topper part Number: C765-211468_061509
Topper Description: Black and White DOUBLE JACKPOT WITH Quick Hit Feature


SMI #H1397
Min/Max %: 77.42%/88.09%

SMI #H1398
Min/Max %: 81.26%/90.02%

SMI #H1334
Min/Max %: 86.32%/92.55%

SMI #H1399
Min/Max %: 89.16%/93.97%

SMI #H1335
Min/Max %: 91.09%/94.93%

SMI #H1400
Min/Max %: 93.20%/95.99%

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