Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden - Blizzard Yuki Rannyuu!! [Model SHVC-A3QJ-JPN]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 26 years ago by KSS Media Ent.

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Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden - Blizzard Yuki Rannyuu!! © 1996 KSS.

Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden: Blizzard Yuki Rannyuu!! (translates to History of a Beauty Girl Wrestler: Blizzard Yuki Busts In!!) was the last game in the Wrestle Angels series before the Wrestle Angels Survivor reboot took place almost a decade later in 2006.

Players can guide one of five female wrestlers in the story mode Champion Road. The Exhibition mode allows players to simulate singles, tag and 6-women tag team bouts. Also featuring a tournament and open league. The World Circuit has the player pick a team of five wrestlers, or create their own and taking on each of the other teams.

The Champion Road and World Circuit modes allows players to raise and train their chosen wrestler or team, including learning new moves and building parameters for both offense and defense.


Barcode: 4988262300761


This particular game in the Wrestle Angels series was developed by KSS and released March 29, 1996 in Japan only.

By the time of the game's release, Blizzard Yuki was a wrestler played by All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling athlete Sakie Hasegawa. The character spawned her own two-volume manga.

Previous games in the Wrestle Angels series (and the later Survivor games), utilized a card system during battles. Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden's battle system has the action being simulated on the screen in real time, with the player instructing their wrestler commands using the face buttons on the controller.


The following are instructions to help players without knowledge of Japanese set up a match in Exhibition mode:
1) The top left option switches between singles, tag team or 6-women matches.
2) The second option changes the number of participants (for Open League and Open Tournament).
3) The third option is for wrestler select. The leftmost box enables players to assign Player or COM status to the wrestler on the blue corner while the rightmost box does the same for the red corner. The players uses the selection next to these boxes to go to the wrestler select box:

Mighty Yukiko
Haruka Yamada
Chelsea Hada
Kayo Ozawa
Blizzard Yuki
Toshimi Minami
Thunder Ryuko
Beauty Ichigaya
Bomber Kishima
Blade Uehara
Misato Okumura
Yumi Syouji
Glory Kasahara
Kanako Komatsu
Teddy-Cat Hori
Hikari Ijuin
Dread Miyagi
Condor Ikegami
Sayaka Tsurumi
Falcon Kouzuki

Hikaru Ogawa
Youko Hayashi
Yoshimi Takagi
Mimi Yoshihara
Riyu Kikuchi
Hitomi Fujishima
Shinobu Echigo
Suzumi Ishikawa
Hulk Hongou
Satan Shouko
Panther Risako
Kunoichi Master
Bunny Bomber
Dynamite Rinn
Miria Mears
Great Burlen
Death Hunter-A
Death Hunter-B
Emiry Mertel
Jessie Bird

Maria Lordon
Em Sande
Cyocyo Chalas
El Dreck
Radel Michelle
Lita Morena
Despina Libre
Siera Gonzares
Big Arsia
Norlan Wanth
Jannu Rasick
Alice Sumirnoho
Nastursha Hang
Zabela Belbatti
Hana Roco
Win Mirror
Remmy Dadarn
Dark Star Chaos
Judy Cadia

The A button will place the chosen wrestler to the respective corner while the X button will display the chosen wrestler's statistics, including their ring name, finishing technique, logic, parameter stats, evaluation and HP, among others.

4) The fourth option allows players to load a wrestler from Champion Road to compete in Exhibition mode.
5) The rightmost option starts the match. The option above this returns the player to the main menu screen, which can also be reached by pressing the B button.

During the matches, players are not given control of their chosen wrestler, rather, they instruct their wrestler using the buttons:
Button A = Wrestler will take a more defensive approach to the match.
Button B = Wrestler will go on the offensive.
Button X = Wrestler will take more caution during the match and may perform reversals or escape pin attempts.
Button Y = Wrestler may perform their finishing technique whenever possible.
Button R = Cancel commands.

Like actual professional wrestling, matches are pre-determined, and the outcome of a match will vary based on the buttons the player presses during the match and the action in the ring.

In Champion Road, also remember that when the general manager books the wrestler in the match, stars are displayed on screen. The more stars that are lit, the easier it will be for the wrestler to squash their opponent or have an even match. The less stars that are lit means the wrestler will have to job to the opponent until the wrestler trains and increases stats each week. When training each week, always keep the wrestler happy by making them play (it's an icon of the chosen wrestler's face) and make them sleep to recover their HP if they have lost jobbed or taken too much damage in a match. A good way to train each week is to use a day to build two different stats, one day to build one stat and play, and so on each week.

World Circuit is the same as Champion Road except the player manage a team of five wrestlers and has no way to recover HP or make them happy while training before each battle. There are 13 rounds, each featuring three matches. First match is a singles match, second is a tag team match, and the third match is a singles match against the boss. Win two out of the three matches to advance to the next round. When the player reaches Round 13 in this mode, they are able to hold exhibition sparring matches using each wrestler, including the boss team. The boss team features the following characters:
Megumi Mutou
Chigusa Yuuki
Kanamori Reiko
Harumi Ootaka


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Game Design: Naoki Matsunaga
System Program: Tetsuya Ikawa
Main Program: Osamu Hamada, Tetsuya Ikawa
Character Design: Naoki Matsunaga, Makoto Anzai, Hiroshi Hori, Yuki Hori
Graphic Art: Takashi Yamasaki, Shinobu Hukuhara, Naoki Matsunaga, Yukiko Motoyama, Yuki Hori, Tetsuya Ikawa, Osamu Hamada
Action Characters: George Kamitani
Scenario: Takemi Kozaru
Game Balance: Takemi Kozaru, Naoki Matsunaga
Music Compose: Masako Yoshinosono
Sound Program & Data: Mio.H
Tool Making: Ran, Ryou Chan, Tetsuya Ikawa, Osamu Hamada
Test Players: Kusune, Aine Kun, Kin Chan, Sahone-, Yama San, Kayo Chan, Chiaki, Chab
Jacket & Booklet: Makoto Arazeki
Promotion: Masae Kumabe
Manufacture: Junji Hujita
Directer: Naoki Matsunaga
Supervisor: Akio Watanabe
Assistant Producer: Kozaburou Takeda
Producer: Isao Katou
Executive Producer: Hideo Takano
Distribute: J.S.S.


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