Arcade Video game published 44 years ago by Fun Games

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Biplane © 1975 Fun Games.

Play consists of a black and a white biplane that is steered like a tank. The object was to shoot the other player without crashing into either the ground or the anti-aircraft fire at the top of the screen.

The game was controlled by two joysticks, the right one for up or down and the left one to control speed. If insufficient speed was used during takeoff, the plane would stall and crash.
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Lloyd Callen came up with idea for the game based on his experience as a fighter pilot during WW2. The game had a lot of faithful followers and was such a success that Atari claimed it was their idea and filed a law suit and stop production order. Atari's lawsuit was later (to late for Fun Games) thrown out of court.


1. Biplane (1975)
2. Biplane 4 (1976)


Idea by: Lloyd Callen

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