BioHazard [Model SLPS-00222]

The Sony PlayStation Game by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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BioHazard © 1996 Capcom Co., Ltd.

Resident Evil is an absolute corker. The story is straight out of a B-movie, and great tongue-in-cheek fun.

As a member of the crack STARS Alpha team, you are dropped into a strange town in America's Midwest to locate the previous team, Bravo squad, who have disappeared while checking out some bizarre murders. Attacked by a crazed Doberman, your team takes refuge in the nearest building - a creepy mansion. and so the story really begins.

Resident Evil is arguably the scariest game ever. Atmosphere is piled on with incredible camera angles, music that Hitchcock would have been proud of, and some of the finest beasts ever to grace a video game.

But what of the gameplay? Outstanding. Due to be one of the biggest worldwide sellers of the years - if not ever - Resident Evil sets a new benchmark for all adventure games, shoot-em-ups and puzzles.


Game ID: SLPS-00222


Released on March 22, 1996 in Japan.

Export releases:
usa "Resident Evil [Model SLUS-00170]"
europe "Resident Evil [Model SLES-00200]"
france "Resident Evil [Model SLES-00227]"
germany "Resident Evil [Model SLES-00228]"

Game's CD.

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