Bill Walsh College Football [Model SNS-7F-USA]

Nintendo Super NES game published 26 years ago by Electronic Arts

Bill Walsh College Football [Model SNS-7F-USA] screenshot

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Bill Walsh College Football © 1994 Electronic Arts.

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Released on June 01, 1994 in USA.


Design by: Scott Orr, Happy Keller, Jim Simmons
Strategy by: Bill Walsh
Programming by: John Schappert
Original Programming by: Jim Simmons
Graphics by: Matthew Crysdale, Bill Stanton
Sound & Music by: Brian Schmidt
Sound and Music Engine by: Jason G. Andersen, John Schappert
Design Contributions by: Michael Rubinelli, Michael Brook, Bill Romer
Executive Producer: Scott Orr
Game Director: Happy Keller
Assistant Producer: Kevin Hogan
Technical Director: Rob Harris
Testing by: John D. Boerio, Michael Caldwell, Greg Kawamura
Scouting Reports by: Tom Holmoe, Bob Singler, David Tipton, Mike Wilson
Player Ratings by: Dan Brook
Product Management: Bill Romer
Public Relations: Mary Snow
Package Design: E. J. Sarraille Design
Cover Photo Courtesy of: Rod Searcy
Documentation: Jamie Poolos
Documentation Layout: Steve Naegele
Quality Assurance: H. Erik Whiteford, Michael Yasko
Special Thanks to: Gregory A. Thomas, Tony Caton, Scott L. Patterson, Stephen Theodore Chiang, Tim Meekins, Jane Walsh, Cynthia Hamilton, Kyra Pehrson


Game's ROM.