Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure [Model NES-42-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 28 years ago by LJN

Bill & Ted

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure © 1991 LJN

An NES game based on these two bodacious dudes of movie fame? Excellent!!! History has been all screwed up and only the San Dimas Duo can set things straight. Awesome responsibility, man! Ride the Power Phone Booth to six different worlds. Galactic, man! Search for Famous Historical Dudes through space and time. Most cosmic.

Talk with the likes of Julius Caesar (he invented Caesar Salad) and Napoleon (the short, dead dude). Send them back in time or you'll miss the Wyld Stallyns concert - starring you! Heavy.

It's a bodacious, mind-boggling, role-playing adventure. And your only chance to save the world and earn the respect you deserve. No way - yes way!




Released in August 1991 in the USA.
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