Big Strike Bowling [Model SLUS-01478]

Sony PlayStation Game published 16 years ago by Gotham Games

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Big Strike Bowling © 2003 Gotham Games.

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Game ID: SLUS-01478


Released on March 19, 2003 in the USA.

The game was dedicated in memory of Cy Woolf (1915-2002).


Coresoft, Inc.
Lead Programmer: Bob Thompson
Engine Programmer: Martin Jajam
Art Director: Steven Ehrensperger
Lead Artist: Michael Woolf
3D Artist: Mike Montague
Character Design: Len Gatdula
Director of Technology: Chris Harvey
President and CEO: Dave Connelly
Chief Financial Officer: Mary Ellen Connelly
Additional Production: Alan Pavlish
Sound Effects: Martin Jajam, Michael Woolf
Game Design: Coresoft
Special Thanks: Tara Harvey, Gretchen Widmer, Sofia Montague, Chloe Connelly, Duncan Connelly, Ciara Connelly, Drew Gatdula, Jennye Laws-Woolf, The one they call girls

Gotham Games
President: Jamie Leece
Produced by: James Pacquing
Product Manager: Jay Fitzloff
General Manager: Greg Ryan
Business Development: Juan Gutierrez
Senior Producer: David Nottingham
Public Relations: Justin Schwartz
Creative Services: Michael Cala (Mike Cala), Larry Conti
Production Services: Daniel Einzig (Dan Einzig), Andrew Green, Jennifer Kolbe, Dean Martinetti, Marc Nesbitt, Kristine Severson, Peggy Yu
Box Illustration by: Dan Lish
Special Thanks to: Oswald Greene Jr. (Oswald "Oz" Greene), Gary J. Foreman (Gary Foreman), and, Sandeep Bisla, for all your help and expertise
Special Thanks to: Michael Gerard

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