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Big Nose the Caveman

Nintendo NES cart. published 28 years ago by Camerica

Big Nose the Caveman screenshot

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Big Nose the Caveman © 1991 Camerica.

BIGNOSE whacked the huge purple dinosaur... THUMP! Its gigantic head plunged to the ground... 'All this action...' Bignose thought, 'and this is only the start of my adventure!' Bignose will encounter many more weird and wonderful creatures in his prehistoric world - giant turtles, huge poisonous mosquitos, sabre-toothed tigers, erupting volcanoes, bonzo birds, massive scorpions, magic spells and flying potions, special weapons, super speed spells, power clubs, levitate potions, time freeze scrolls and THE MYSTERIOUS WITCH DOCTOR! Meet all these things and more on Paradise Island, Monster Island, Terror Island, Chaos Island and in The Dead Sea!
There's just so much to do, it's absolutely incredible!


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N-Force (June 1992): 82/100


* Hidden Credits: After powering on the game, before the Codemasters logo appears, hold A + B + Select + Start to see a hidden credits screen.

* All NES games from Codemasters are based on the same stub library. As a result, all of these games, including those on multicarts, include a 'smiley test' that verifies the integrity of the PRG ROM and CHR RAM chips.
To activate the PRG ROM test, hold Up + Down + Left + Right + A + Select + Start and press Reset.
To activate the CHR RAM test, hold Up + Down + Left + Right + B + Select + Start and press Reset.
If the PRG ROM checksum matches with the internal value or the CHR RAM chip has no bad cells, the program will display a happy green face; otherwise, it will display a sad red face.
Note that the tests cannot be performed with an unmodified controller, as the design of the directional pad prevents more than two directions from being pressed at once.


Game's ROM.