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Big Fight - Big Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean

Arcade Video game published 27 years ago by Tatsumi Electronics

Big Fight - Big Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean screenshot

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Big Fight - Big Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean © 1992 Tatsumi Electronics Company, Limited.

A side scrolling beat 'em up featuring fighters : Gear, Kevin, and Zill.

There's an extra game mode named 'Battle mode', where you can choose your character from the 8 available (the 3 heroes, plus the 5 bosses already unlocked) and challenge a friend or the CPU in a Vs battle. Note: this option requires two players before you start : after 1 of the 2 players is KO, the winner can continue to play against the CPU.

All the playable characters have their own special moves, you must find them.


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Big Fight was released in December 1992 ans was the last arcade video game made by Tatsumi. They focused on Photo Booths after this game.


* When the player is knocked down at low energy level there is a chance to fully charge up a power meter that appears for a few seconds. If successful, the player's character gets up with a lightning charge and delivers powerful attacks.

* At the half of the first stage, you can choose the course for continuing your way : in this way, you can modify the level sequence and the relative difficulty for those.

* After you've beaten a boss at the end of the level, he will be available as a playable character, and you can also choose him to play the next level : every time you beat a new boss, this will be added to the playable characters rooster. These characters are :
Pharaoh, an ancient very powerful pharaoh, you can find him in the Aquarium stage;
Mavella, a beautiful woman with red hair and equipped with a whip: she is waiting for you in the Funnel stage;
Garuda, a very strong redskin, you'll find him in the garden pool;
Gonza, a powerful sumo fighter with devastating slaps, you'll find him in the japanese house;
Chen, a chinese fighter equipped with a letal chinese sword, he is waiting for you in the disco stage, after the casino.


Planning : Hasegawa Mitsuhiro
Direction : Nobrin
Character Design : Nakajima, Taka, Hasegar
Sound/Music : Tomopee, Cyber
Hard Design : Okuda
Programming : Okuda, Shirahata, Noma, Syochan, Yamagata

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