Beebee Boppin

Coin-op Redemption Game published 17 years ago by LAI Games

Not emulated yet.


Beebee Boppin © 2002 LAI Games [Leisure & Allied Industries].

Bee Bee Boppin has being designed for the younger players with bright friendly graphics and some cute sound effects, the game is simple yet challenging, players must stomp their feet on the randomly illuminated buttons to score and to win tickets.

Bee Bee Boppin has a player selectable mode of Hard or Easy Play, small children/parent's can select the easy mode and still win a good number of tickets - in the Hard mode the game is a bit more challenging and rewards the player with a few more Tickets, in both modes the ticket payouts are fully operator adjustable.

In the last 10 seconds of the game its 'panic time' all lights come on brightly simultaneously and must be stomped out as quickly as possible.


Dimensions :
Height : 1070 mm (42.1inch)
Width : 2008 mm (79.1inch) [with ticket payout header]
Depth : 1489 mm (58.7inch)

Machine's picture.