Beach Dream

A Slot Machine by Casino Technology

Beach Dream screenshot

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Beach Dream © 200? Casino Technology.

5-reel 21-line video slot.


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Life Guards Bonus : The bonus screen shows four girls. Player selects them one by one. Each girl gives a prize from 1 x Total Bet to 30 x Total Bet, or the Collect symbol, which quits the bonus. If the Player manages to select all four girls without finding the Collect, he enters the second bonus level - Regatta Bonus.

Regatta Bonus : A new bonus screen appears with 2 motor yachts. The player chooses one of them and the regatta starts. If the selected yacht wins he gets a prize of 35 x Total bet and go to the next race. Each additional win doubles the bonus prize and to a maximum of 560 x Total Bet (five choices). If the selected yacht looses the race, the bonus quits.