Bazooka Blitzkrieg [Model SNS-BY-USA]

Nintendo Super NES Game published 27 years ago by Bandai

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Bazooka Blitzkrieg © 1992 Bandai.

There could be no other explanation. Initial speculation suggested a rogue computer virus planted by industrial terrorists. But whatever the cause, the results were devastating. The city has been overrun by thousands of Sylon's top-secret XT7 Cyborg-Commando Fighting Machines. These computer operated soldier robots were the latest advance in battlefield technology. Virtually indestructible, they were designed so our country's brave young men and women would never have to die in battle again. But, men and women were dying. Innocent civilians and children were being terrorized by these senseless cold-blooded metallic monsters. There was just one hope. Armed only with the Super NES Super Scope, you must fight your way into Sylon Inc.'s computer complex and vaporize the malfunctioning mainframe!
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Released in November 1992 in the USA.

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