Battlefield 2 - Modern Combat

Microsoft XBOX 360 game published 14 years ago by Electronic Arts

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Battlefield 2 - Modern Combat © 2005 Electronic Arts.

The Battlefield franchise explodes onto Xbox 360 with a living battlefield, adrenaline-soaked action, and a bleeding-edge arsenal of vehicles and weapons. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat delivers fierce online multiplayer competition and a story-driven single-player campaign where you see both sides of the war.

- Online warfare: Up to 24 players can battle it out on 16 maps including tropical, swampland, desert, and arctic warzones.
- Offline intensity: 'HotSwapping' keeps you in the heart of the action in 20 single-player missions obscured by deception and propaganda.
- Huge arsenal: Own the battlefield with 35 land, sea, and air vehicles,four armies,five soldier classes, and 55 state-of-the-art weapons.
- Online community: Features include clan support, match analysis, global rankings, and stat tracking.


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Released on November 18, 2005 in the UK.