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Battle Erexion

Arcade Video game published 13 years ago by Cobalt Ray

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Battle Erexion © 2006 Cobalt Ray.

Game's features:
- RF chip pendent to restore the character for own characters: the patented Game system of Erexion, which is leading the innovative change of Single location Game, is the type of upgraded single location Game ever. The pendent restoring RF chip which can raise and keep the own characters, the attack system using "¡®Command rule¡¯" and the games applied various Skill Cards and Item Cards are the upgraded new type of the Single location Game. The Pendent with RF chip is made the same as pendent in Animation Drama and used enough to wear as a accessory.
- Various kinds of Cards: the various cards in the game are not only used as Skill and Item and but also those cards give you a pleasure to collect for fun with high quality. Also you will enjoy Off-line card game with plenty of marks on the cards.


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Official website: http://www.cobaltray.com/product_01_e.html